Wsus server not updating itself 2016

Yes the updates approved to the same group, i have attached few pictures showing the issues (update need 25 but it is not updated at all and from windows showing windows updated but it is not) if i put the windows direct to internet it will update properly .i have try the same and it is working perfect on windows 2012 R2 and windows 10 , i'm sure there is something wrong and not pushing the update (no firewall and no antivirus installed on both servers) 001002003004005When you hit the updates needed link in image 1, does it show which updates it needs and do they have install as the directive?last check: today, ) , from WSUS i can see 99% and Updates needed: 30 and still not receiving the updated Note: the WSUS is windows 2016 Please i need your support, Thanks, 001are the updates reflected as needed, are they approved for install on the client target where the 2016 server is?the available/needed updates depends on your setup i.e.Please note that I have provided the WSUS Server name ( in the SPECIFY INTRANET MICROSOFT UPDATE SERVICE LOCATION " in WSUS GPO setting (its own name) for the WSUS Server itself. Thanks and Regards, Hi, The updates are getting downloaded.The minute I approve the updates, I check if the updates are getting downloaded by clicking the WSUS Servername in the console.

Anyway, attaching screenshot of the page you are requesting for better clarity. It is showing all the machines but it shows computers needing update not as nil.

checking for updates every three hours is rather unnecessary.

do you use client targeting such that some systems are in one group under the wsus computers folder, ... in which case, unless the update is approved for all, it will not be seen as available for install by members of the unassigned group.

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