Why is updating the curriculum important

The number of participants and the number/size of school districts were limited and located solely within the Southeastern quadrant of the state of Missouri.While selection of the participants was done by random assignment, final designation of respondents was at the discretion of the building level administrators.The single day, or even two or three day training sessions are not effective.The results of this study indicated that combined with number one above, the revision process, training, conversations, and review, must be long-term and periodic.To further substantiate the data, 4 focus groups were interviewed with general patterns and themes evaluated.

The results of this study clearly indicate that attention to some relatively easily managed details could offer significant improvement in the successful implementation of effective curriculum revision efforts.

Accepting that changing an educational curriculum can be a challenge, the involvement of all stakeholders, especially individuals who are directly involved in student instruction, is an especially vital piece in successful curriculum revision.

As in many states during the l990s, educational reform efforts in Missouri addressed educational curriculum revision which had become closely tied to school districtsaccreditation, assessment procedures, and staff evaluation.

Since it is obvious that education will continue to change and curriculum will perpetually be altered, this information is of vital importance regarding principles for principals and effective curriculum revision.

with six constructed response opportunities blending a quantitative analyses with a qualitative review.

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