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Some say that there are signs of botox and facial fillers as her face look incredibly smooth.But a nose job is still unlikely as she still has a thick nose bridge with a bulbous nose tip. She embodies the qualities of a great musician, always belting out songs straight from her heart.Joan Jett continued to wear the image of a gothic rocker into the 1980s. Still natural looking with untouched nose and chin.She went solo for a short while before forming Joan Jett and The Blackhearts. Her thick nose bridge is also evident despite her apparent loss in weight. Not sporting her usual spiky hair, Joan Jett trimmed her hair down to a short bob.Watch Joan Jett in an interview with the legendary David Letterman in 1987 below: Joan Jett was born on 22 September 1958, now of age 58. If you look back at her rocking years, she has been rather youthful looking throughout.Here is a shot of Joan Jett with The Runaways, the early band founded by Joan Jett. This was when The Runaways were at the peak of their musical career. Here is another photo of Joan Jett in 1986 (below) attending the T J Martell Foundation Honors Quincy Jones.Wild child Carmen Electra has long been known for dating guys with rock star personalities. 'Twilight' star Kristen bumped into her love rival Riley at a Joan Jett and her ' Runaways' co-star and friend, Riley, who is now dating her beloved ex in the VIP area with other celebs like Carmen Electra, and onlooker Nina. Carmen Electra and Joan Jett who have been together for about a year, seem to have wound up their relationship.

Her devilish “Alice Cooper look alike” hair style and her “scowling” eyebrows complete the image of a tough female rocker. Instead of having those shadowy gothic eyes, Joan Jett opted for simple eye makeup.This is how she looked like: This is the time when the first plastic surgery rumors began. Could have been due to a clever makeup artist though. And in 2000, there is no better way to celebrate the millennium than to shave her head! Note that Joan Jett has remained largely the same throughout these years, other than some hairstyle changes. Think of Mick Jagger, Bryan Adams and Steven Tyler. That secret “formula” works for female rockers as well.But because the internet was not prevalent, there was not much hoo-haa over her SHARPER chin. Joan Jett still looked like a rocker in her mid 30s in Year 2008 (see pic below).how did one eyebrow get so much higher than the other?!Wooo, this picture (see below) in 2016 scares quite a few people off.

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