Validating spreadsheets

For example, to limit the entry to the minimum and maximum values in the existing list of numbers, say A1: A10, use the following formulas: Please pay attention that we lock the range by using the $ sign (absolute cell references) so that our Excel validation rule works correctly for all selected cells.

De jure, Excel Paste Special is designed for pasting specific elements of copied cells. Among others, it can quickly remove data validation rules in a worksheet.

If the user types something different, Excel will show an error alert explaining what they have done wrong: To add data validation in Excel, perform the following steps.

Select one or more cells to validate, go to the As soon as the user selects the validated cell, the following message will show up: In addition to the input message, you can show one of the following error alerts when invalid data is entered in a cell.

To remove all circles, go to the Clear Validation Circles.

In case you'd like to protect worksheet or workbook with password, configure the desired data validation settings first, and then protect the sheet.

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