Validating package spec

The following code snippet shows the package body declaration for the cust_sal package created above.

I assumed that we already have CUSTOMERS table created in our database as mentioned in the PL/SQL - Variables chapter.

The following core principles inform our approach: Over time the single Data Package spec has evolved into a suite of specs -- partly through componentization whereby the original spec is in several components and partly through extension.

Any subprogram not in the package specification but coded in the package body is called a private object.

An application or library that consumes Tabular Data Packages therefore must be able to understand not only the full Data Package specification, but also Table Schema and CSV-DDF.

I'm writing a gem to detect tracking numbers (called tracking_number, natch).

Answer: The DBA will have to recompile a PL/SQL packages whenever there are changes to tables, views, sequences, and so on that the package procedures and functions reference.

This is accomplished through the use of the CREATE OR REPLACE PACKAGE [BODY] form of the CREATE PACKAGE command.

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