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Just because a field contains dynamic text doesn’t mean that the field is always accurate. It happens in two ways: First, you can update a field by closing your document and opening it again; second, you can manually update a field.

To ensure that a field displays up-to-date information, right-click it and choose the Update Field command. If you’re unsure which text in your document is a field, click the mouse on that text.

But if I do the same thing manually by selecting total document content and press window key f9 to update fields then fields of the Microsoft Word Document are updating properly. Tables Of Figures) foreach (Range story Range in document.

Tables Of Contents) foreach (Table Of Figures table Of Figures in document.

Fields are highlighted in Word with a dark gray background.

You cannot edit text in a field, which kind of ruins the point of the field.

This means you've inserted a field that you can change or update.

The left side of the Field dialog box contains scrolling lists of categories in the Field Names list.

Document document; foreach (Table Of Contents table Of Contents in document.

In Word 2016, it is not possible to update all fields in a document using the same handy method that has always previously been available: Ctrl-A followed by F9. How is one supposed to update all the fields in a document while using Word 2016?

It’s your clue that you’re about to erase a field, not regular text.

Press Backspace again to erase the field (and its text).

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