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There's likely been times that you might have thought that it would make things convenient to write back to your . The framework provides simple methods for reading from the config file, but gives you nothing for writing values back to the config file.

It is easy enough to write values back to the file. When I need to do this sort of thing I use a class that wraps up the ability to read and write settings in the config file.

The tip here is use the Synchronize button anytime you change the values in the Visual Studio Settings pane.But remember that when you deploy the EXE, the only values that your application will read from the .config file are scoped values will be read from the user.config mentioned above.Synchronize Often If you been able get this far without falling asleep, you have probably pondered the concept that with so many files holding the same data that things could get out of sync.To read the value for the “Test1” setting you can do this: section only.If you add other sections then you won't be able to read them this way (that's coming in a future post).

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The app.config is used directly by VS 2008 and updated when you edit the values in the VS project properties settings pane.

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