Tips on dating a younger man

The heart wants what the heart wants, and sometimes that means dating someone who is, ahem, a younger man.

(Of legal age—of course—let’s get that established and out of the way.) If I’ve learned anything from OTP Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Nick Jonas, and Kate Beckinsale’s fling with Pete Davidson, it’s that age doesn’t have to be a deal breaker or a red flag. Sure, age-gap relationships are becoming more of a thing, but there are always those people who will do double takes at dinner or family members who say nothing but raise their eyebrows when they hear about your new boo.

At the end of the day, who you choose to date—and why—is So if you’re eyeing a guy or gal who graduated college years after you, here’s what to know before going on that first (or second! ) date: First order of business: What do you want from this relationship?

Ask them where they see themselves in the next two years—versus the five or 10 you might ask an older prospect.

“Is that going to create a power differential, if she’s more successful and more settled in her career?

” says , a psychotherapist and dating and relationship expert. If you're interested in a long-term relationship and not just fun sex (no shame if you aren't!

“Even simple things like references to pop culture are going to be different.” Ever been around your or a friend's younger sister and been very confused? Otherwise, it's going to be very hard to ever see them as an equal.

The main thing to consider is whether they can accept and support the core things that are important to you in a relationship, Sherman says.

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