The essential dating and dumping guide

Knowing that you have to get it out of your head is one thing. Some people are great with tools of technology, such as apps on your mobile device or desktop software solutions.

Others deal with this kind of stuff far better when it’s on paper.

You need to have the following headings for your list: You might need more than one sheet of paper for each list as you go, but start with the Musts, then move on to the Wants and finish up with the Perhaps.

It is important that you go in that order, because that way your brain isn’t moving all over the place.

It is confirmed statistically that the great majority of Russian women seeking to start correspondence via online dating sites with the purpose to become brides of foreign marriage minded men, are here only out of the wish to find good husband - why not abroad?

The internet destroys the boundaries, helping love to change this world for better!

Of course, you cannot fail at something when you don’t do it at all.On the free sites it's like going on a blind date with all the consequences and the risks implied.From the perspective of western men, and it is the western men who are the paying customers of real Russian matchmaking and romance tour agencies, it's reasonable to deal with online dating/marriage agency that has offices in the UK, Canada, USA, Australia or NZ vs the mail order bride businesses located in Russia.Unfortunately, this is an unproductive way of thinking.Facing your fear of failure will help you eventually overcome that fear, or learn to manage it.

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Honestly, almost everything we do can be broken down into little manageable parts. Sometimes, being a perfectionist works in your favor.

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