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High quality men DO NOT pursue women who fake disinterest and play games: they respect women with no tolerance for manipulation and time wasting.When you value your self respect more than the feeling of being liked by any given man, you will have no need for games anymore.Laugh at yourself, admit your mistakes, ask forgiveness when you make a mistake.These are all extremely endearing and will build a strong emotional connection.

And to connect, you need to be vulnerable (check Brene Brown for more on vulnerability).When he isn’t though she turns into passive aggressive and emotional manipulators and the relationship becomes a combative one.He says women should be assertive in asking for what they want and need from the beginning instead.He recommends you watch this video (which I personally didn’t find that good TBH): Bryan says that you should never allow a man’s mixed signal or aloofness to become the cue for you chasing him.Because the more you do it, the more ingrained it becomes, and that’s how you build (bad) habits.

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He presents, in my opinion, one of the most insightful dating for women on the market.

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