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For more information, contact Rebecca Hall, Chair, via e-mail at [email protected]

Further History The T/L/C Group has changed considerably over the past seven years.

Since 2006, this listserv has sent over 8,000 messages.

Perhaps our greatest struggle has been to sponsor T/L/C panels at the AAS.

Instead of offering answers Instead of offering answers to these questions and others Hansen, along with David Chandler, Thongchai Winichakul, John Marston, Nikki Tanenbaum, and others urged us to take a step back and look at each one of our country specialties and ask ourselves: what is the state of our field? Practically, Anne Hansen began a three-year review of the state of the field by asking individual scholars to make a presentation on their country specialty.

The First year, in New York, David Chandler spoke on the State of Cambodian Studies.

In Boston, we sponsored Duncan Mc Cargo’s panel on the Southern Thai conflict.

However, there were only 6 panels that focus on Thailand, Laos, or Cambodia (actually, only Thailand; Cambodia and Laos were almost completely neglected at the 2007 AAS).

With the departure of Sue Darlington as the editor of the newsletter, we struggled with finding a more practical and useful way to communicate with our members and encourage new members to join (esp. Justin Mc Daniel and the Southeast Asian Studies Program at the University of California (Riverside) sponsored and started a website for the T/L/C to replace the print edition of the Khosana newsletter.There has been an influx of new members, the initiation of a website, and a greater coherence in terms of objectives.The first change began with Bonnie Brereton, Sue Darlington, and Anne Hansen (the former chairs and editors of our newsletter).Mission Southeast Asian Studies has traditionally been a field in which “Western” scholars have dictated the terms and raised the questions.Scholars and students in Southeast Asia itself have been the receptors of knowledge “about” themselves filtered through the often refractional and refractory colonial and post-colonial lens.

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