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We don’t expect ANYBODY to walk in with super human strength!

and our Beginner courses are designed for NORMAL people, average Joe’s, and even those with allergic reactions to gym’s 😀 AS WELL AS those who are physically fit and ready for a new challenge!

This is to allow for but is not limited to extreme weather conditions and the like.

Please make sure you keep your contact information up to date.

We don’t have the facility to offer catch up’s or carry over’s.

Joining a course of lessons is a commitment, similar to a gym membership. If you’ve been drinking you’ll be asked to leave, without any kind of refund.

To Your Classmates – We encourage a supportive environment – if you see someone struggle, help them, support them, encourage them – make a new pal! We don’t do pay as you go, or haggling, so don’t ask! All courses cannot be booked without payment in advance, in order to secure your place on the course as places are limited.

But it is NOT ok to video the whole class – routines and class structure remain the property of Candy & Chrome – please respect this.

We use Paypal to take the payment, but this doesn’t mean that you need to have a Paypal account, or register – any credit or debit card will do.

You can also choose to do a bank transfer if you prefer.

All cancellation refunds or reimbursements will be at the company’s discretion.

Subject to change: There maybe changes made to your class timetable, therefore all classes are subject to change, we reserve the right to change any class at any time.

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