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It is true that not any people know this side of your country.I didn't even knew it myself before I stumbled upon your gallery.You apparently have spent quite a bit of time in the process of collecting all these images. Thanks for showing this mini museum that you have established on pbase. I have always wanted to visit, but at this point, I think it will never happen. I wish all of us could do something to introduce our culture and our home country to people around the world. I hope you will continue to post and attract as much attention to them as you have done so far. Matt This is a return-trip for me (to your gallery) and it's amazing how many gorgeous photos you have taken.We can always come back here to view these amazing images again before we book a trip to visit Iran. What we all must understand is that the world is a beautiful place, made even more beautiful by people like you. Thank you, Ali, for sharing these images of your country with us. Keep up the excellent work, and I hope you know you are appreciated for letting others see through your lense. Thanks for reminding us of the beauty of your country.May I suggest you to also include a few photos from Ganj Afrooz area (north of Babol)? I would so love to visit Iran, but I haven't been able to convince my other half yet. There are so many great things we can all learn from this country if we are willing to open our eyes just a little. Ali, you obviously have exceptional taste for art and your photography skills are amazing. This is a very nice gallery with so many if not all interesting images. Cal That's a very interesting gallery and changed my vision on Iran a bit: I always thought it was a very dry country with almost no water and green fields. But your photos show that there are plenty of green landscapes as well. You did a great job not only for yourself but also for entire world.Now, I'm sure that if I show him your gallery, I'll be one step (or a few) closer. Thanks for sharing your exceptional experience, traveling throughout our ancient land - Iran - with the rest of us. Your photography work is very nice and the colors are spot on. The photos of your country are not only eye-catching to most of us, but also informative. I miss my beautiful country every day and every moment. I always come back to the magnificent pictures of your country.

Voted Honored to add my comments and kudos to a beautiful collection of photographs.Many thanks to him and wish him all the best for the future. all in all, your pictures, regardless of technical aspects, are a source of joy, fun and proud. p.s hope you don’t mind-I’d like to use some of pix in my presentation about Iran, and of course you’ll get the credit :o) This is an amazing gallery spanning such vast area and centuries of time.Your love of the country and its treasure is profound and not lost on any whom choose to view these beautiful images can see that there is calm and peace in Iran to skilnad with only war and katasrof that can be seen on television about Iran thanks so much for your pictures. man kan se att det finns lugn och fred också i Iran till skilnad med bara krig och katasrof som man kan se på tv om Iran tack så mycket för dina is very verry beautiful gallary this gallary is same like my homland (KASHMIR) homland of imam khamani who gret leader of islamic contries ,one agian thank so much (FROM; SARDAR ASIF FALLAK (pakistan) ([email protected])Ali - You have done an immense favour to your most special country. I just wish I had seen one such soul-full image of Iran in my 30 years or so of living in Europe it was the most breathtaking pictures of iran I have ever seen.I am an iranian tour guide and I have seen most parts of Iran but your shots are really great and incredible thanks a lot indeed enjoy a lot be lucky thanks Thank you for your gallery.

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i would never have thought this place has so many beautiful scenes. You are a gifted man of sight, thank you so much for sharing your wonderful photos with us,, Photography really does cross all borders and is something the whole world can enjoy,,, I wish more people of the world would look at the world through the lens of a camera,,, I am glad that you do,,,hi ali.. I am very happy to find this page by accident and very sad which there are some other faces of iranian people in other contries becasue of wrong government policies which they are not iranian.

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