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It can be called one of the major cities in Ukraine according to its development and infrastructure, though according to his territory’s criteria it is not a significant city with a small population of less than three hundred thousands of people located on the coast of the Black Sea.It is not only a simple harbor city, but also one of the most beautiful cities in Ukraine, that at the same time has one of the most beautiful women living in it, and also it should be mentioned that it has a lot of touristic resorts located in it which are able to satisfy each type of costumer.The Crimea is home to some of the most stunning scenic views found anywhere in the world.It also boasts some of the most majestic palaces and castles including, the Swallow's nest, a refined castle perched tenuously on a cliff, which has become a symbol of the Crimean Coast.You will have numerous opportunities to meet these stunning women including our large Social gatherings, and, of course, our constant One-on-One Introductions via our Yalta office, and the hundreds of Profiles on file there.Our Socials are very well known and respected by thousands of women across the Ukraine.

As many other harbor cities, there are a lot of people who are working in the seaside business in this city, the majority of them work on the touristic ships.

The only thing that local girls do not understand till the end is the fact that people differ a lot from each other from the point of view of their character while based on the nationality criteria.

It should be mentioned that also there are women in Sevastopol who realize the difference between the East and the West, and they are not forming any type of stereotype, as they know that the environment where a person is situated is playing a very serious and important role in each person’s life.

)) Love you, Hello, my name is Alexandria-Victoria. I'm fond of knitting, sewing, printing, singing, reading books, badminton I was born in Crimea, my parents gave me a good education.

The most important thing in life for me is family and respect. able to love and allowing to love herself, clever, Hello!

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