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Downtown’s Spanish style architecture, palm tree lined boulevards and the distant Channel Islands are quite the reward for a little afternoon sweat.

Santa Barbara City College sits cliffside, overlooking the sun-drenched Pacific Ocean and the misty Channel Islands.

When there’s no need to hire a driver, any day is a good day to hike the Urban Wine Trail.

Wedged between the Pacific and the Santa Ynez Mountains, the best way to view Santa Barbara is from the top.

The bloodline of downtown, State Street, is a consumer paradise that runs straight up to Stearns Wharf and the Santa Barbara Harbor.

On Tuesday nights, Santa Barbara’s famous State Street turns into an iconic California farmer’s market.

Traffic shuts down to make way for peaches and avocados, while dreadlocked musicians in tie-dyed cotton pants offer songs and smiles as you fill your basket with organic kale. The Coronado Butterfly Preserve is one of California’s largest monarch butterfly winter roosting locations, and its cliffside, oceanfront location definitely isn’t the worst spot for a winter vacation.

A Mediterranean climate and picturesque coastline earned Santa Barbara the nickname of “The American Riviera.” Our condolences to your travel agent, but there’s no need for flights when the city is already brimming with red-tiled rooftops, high-end restaurants and charming boutiques. We’ve been ardently celebrating Earth Day ever since, with festivals so elaborate there’s even valet bike parking. When the Spanish settled Santa Barbara, they left behind two pieces of history—the Santa Barbara Mission and an affinity for fiestas.

After the catastrophic Santa Barbara Oil Spill in 1969, the city had environmental preservation heavy on its mind. Every year, Old Spanish Days takes over downtown with a citywide fiesta of music, food and confetti-filled eggs for cracking on your friend’s noggin.

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