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At the end of our first date, Paul walked me to my car. On our third date, we walked along the beach and sat down on a bench with a gorgeous view of the water. When I answered the door feeling angry and frantic, wondering what had happened to him, he handed me flowers and apologized. Things felt light and peaceful, which was in contrast to my normal high-energy, fast-paced life. Other men may have brought out more excitement or intellectual conversation, but with Paul, I felt an ease in a way that was uncommon and enjoyable. We were compatible and it felt really good to spend time with him. I wanted a man who would accept my spiritual viewpoints. I once mentioned to Paul that I had had a dream about Paul Newman. The first night we spent together, I dreamt about us.

All the “rules” seem to have changed, which can leave you confused, angry or frustrated.

Honestly, I felt devastated and wondered how this could have happened to me. After some soul-searching, I decided to start doing whatever it took to meet a lot of men.

I wanted to meet a wonderful guy who had a good heart and was kind, fun to be with, attractive, employed and someone who could accept my spiritual viewpoints about life. I smile as I write this, because we just celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary!

Our backgrounds, family upbringings, religions, and careers were polar opposites.

But here is how I looked past all of that and came to realize I had found my soulmate: 1. For our fourth date, Paul was an hour late (for good reason). Of all the men I had dated, my time with Paul seemed very different.

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