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However, Rezetko points out that recent work by Auld has suggested that the Chronicler did not use Samuel-Kings as a source, but rather both works shared a common source.Thus their dates of composition may be closer than assumed.

That two-volume work raised questions about the general consensus on this issue.

The focus of the book is on the inferior nature of the evidence in the Masoretic text (hereafter MT) for the reconstruction of the history of ancient Hebrew on the basis of current critical scholarship and textual criticism of these writings and on the use of historical linguistic methodology in such an undertaking.

In it the authors have marshalled extensive historical linguistic evidence and presented it systematically.

From the complexities of the Old and the New Testament to the challenges of the breadth of Jewish History, our academic expertise explores the foundational texts and histories of Western civilisation.

Founded in 1945, the Department of Hebrew, Biblical and Jewish Studies (formerly the Department of Semitic Studies) teaches programs in Classical Hebrew and Arabic along with other ancient Semitic languages such as Aramaic and Ugaritic.

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