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After all, plenty of assumptions go into the calculations, as we’ll discuss in this chapter.Keep in mind that while this chapter reviews the technical details behind radiometric dating, only two very basic but completely catastrophic “fatal flaws” undermine radiometric dating.As any judge in court will attest, eyewitness records record the past more accurately.Also, keen observations in the field testify that the sediments comprising the ancient rock layers were laid down , not slowly over millions of years.In some cases, they turn up still alive today, but these can go unreported.Evolutionists assume that the creature evolved somehow, lived for a certain time period, and then died out.

The assumptions are untestable because we cannot go back millions of years to verify the findings done today in a laboratory, and we cannot go back in time to test the original conditions in which the rocks were formed.If these assumptions that underlie radiometric dating are not true, then the entire theory falls flat, like a chair without its four legs.The second fatal flaw clearly reveals that at least one of those assumptions must actually be wrong because radiometric dating . Helens, we watched rocks being formed in the 1980s, but when sent to a laboratory 10 years later for dating, the 10-year-old rocks returned ages of hundreds of thousands to millions of years.Most texts teach that it takes a long time for these sediments to build up, with older layers buried beneath younger layers.Fossils found in lower layers are deemed to be older than those in the upper layers, older on the bottom younger on the top.

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