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To know if you are indeed a psi vampire or not, try feeding for a week then stop and if you feel drained after then the results are clear Hello! Didn't you know that we can kill if we over feed on a human as in suck him dry. Try to redirect your enegry to others, it could be usefull! Because I often feel like I drain peoples energies when I'm around them.Honestly it is really dangerous if we can't moderate the feeding. I haven't tried to overfeed somebody but I can't afford to kill that person. And when I'm alone for days at a time, I'm really tired and weak. There are 14 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.Psychic vampires, also known as energy vampires, are emotionally immature individuals who drain the time and energy from those around them.Grounding is a technique is used in case that you overfeed or if you need to modulate the balance of your energy fields.

Email is in my profile if you have more questionswearing silver rings or pure silver bracelets prevent you from feeding from other people so I suggest you buy a silver ring and only when you need to feed take it off and try to attain inner piece, it will help a lot with choosing wether to feed or not to feed.

ll my life it has felt like I have drained people of energy.

It is usually slight, like if I am near someone they complain that they get tired for no reason, and every time they complain that they are tired I feel stronger and more alive. Last week my car broke down, so I couldn't use it to get anywhere and I was stuck at home for about 4 days.

) of your dreams, as well as like-minded individuals in your area to spend time with, hang out, have fun and enjoy the darker sides of (un)life.

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