Proteus main file updating

To use an external 3D component, you must specify that component type is contained in an external file.

This can be done in the 3D visualization window of Ares by attributing MODEL value to the TYPE parameter.

Please, go to the RWIE forum for more informations.

I wrote a tutorial to explain step by step, how to construct a seven segment display with RWIE.

Near these traditionnal components, I also created some models of heaters for TO220 package : My library is completed day after day, according my needs. - file, that talk about components and evolutions You can use freely these libraries and 3D models, for the usage you want (but please don't claim they are from you).

- NAME parameter must have MERGED value if the 3DS file is made with Real World Icon Editor software, that is the case for my components.

If you use another 3D software as Blender or, you must specify the name corresponding to the bloc (group) that include all 3D primitives.

Version V2006.2 of RWIE don't allow natively 3DS export, but you can add this 3DS export function by following procedure described on the page RWIE - Adding 3DS export function.

In the V2008.1 version of RWIE, 3DS export is integrated, and the specific procedure specified for V2006.2 version is not necessary.

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But after reading RWIE documentation, I saw this software was able to import 3DS files. So, I wrote to the software developper to ask him if 3DS export function was planned in the developpement line. Well, I tried the software, and started to do some objects, after reading available tutorials. I decided to pay a license of RWIE, because it allow me to do some 3D models that are compatible with Ares, and because these models are easy to do and very easy to modify (the RWIE software had some mecanism to avoid repetitive tasks, as do 14 pins with only one at the base, and if I had to change pos, size or color of the 14 pins, I have to change only the reference one).

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