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Some exceptions on tools can be made provided the part is low risk.The parts are gone over and put together by the engineering team of the design agency; this may also be done in parallel by the moldmaker and any contracted firms you are working with that will put together or run quality assurance on your product. T0 shots being the first off tool shots in the mold and T1 being the shots off the mold after the moldmaker corrects parts to be in spec with the engineering drawings.

PVT (Production Validation Testing): Now you are testing your production line.

You can have multiple builds at each stage if necessary. (Engineering Validation Testing): Was the thing engineered correctly?

Did we choose the right chipsets, thermal management, materials, manufacturing process, screens, battery capacity, etc?

Your PVT units should theoretically be sellable units that are exactly like the units that will be coming off the line once you ramp production.

PVT is the opportunity to test full speed manufacturing to make sure that at least one of your lines is achieving the desired yields and passes all quality control measures (that were pre-defined).

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