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While international online dating apps like Tinder, Bumble and Happn have extended their services to the LGBTQAI community in India, queer-specific portals, like the Chinese app — Blued and homegrown app Delta, have also made their foray in the domestic market.

In a recent survey conducted by Tinder, in collaboration with Savanta Group Limited, 73% respondents said that online dating apps have helped normalise their sexual orientation, ‘come out’ offline and explore romantic relationships.

Privacy concerns have been raised with Blued app too, which was criticised for its live streaming option.

“We have received feedback on how live streaming had content that was abusive and pornographic,” says Sanyam Sharma, marketing director at the app.

A public consultation has been launched today outlining the government’s preferred approach, which puts responsibility squarely on the shoulders of companies who create and profit from online pornography.

Alongside the legal requirement for companies to put in place age verification technology, the government will also establish a new regulatory framework to monitor and enforce compliance, with the ability to impose civil sanctions where breaches are identified.

And under the proposals, the new regulatory framework and civil regime will: • Involve giving a regulator or regulators powers to enforce the new law, supported by a sufficiently flexible enforcement regime.

This has allowed the government to formulate its preferred approach, which it is now consulting on and seeking views.

Under the proposals set out in the consultation, the government will: • Establish a new requirement in law for commercial providers to have in place robust age verification controls for online pornographic content in the UK.

• Legislate to establish a new regulatory framework, underpinned by civil sanctions.

Internet Safety and Security Minister Baroness Shields said: “The Internet is a tremendous resource for learning and creativity but it is important to make sure that children are able to make the most of all it has to offer in a safe way.

Keeping children safe online is one of government’s greatest priorities.

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As a matter of urgency we must prevent children having ready access to content rated over 18 as it can give them a warped view of sexual relationships.” The move to make age-verification a legal requirement forms part of a broader commitment by Government to make the internet a safer place for young people.

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