Nursery rhyme dating game

Now, place yourself in the simpler world of the 1600-1800's and the work of a baker becomes even more fascinating!One must also think about the work of mothers during those times.They were both written for children and are folk songs that are naturally passed down from generation to generation.Each also talks about a baker, rhymes, and adds the personal touch of naming the child who is singing it (or being sung to) in the end.

(gelb)Schieb in den Ofen 'rein.(Morgen muss er fertig sein.)Bake, bake a cake The baker has called!Some books are easier to create than others — and the letter N book was one of the tougher ones!So forgive me for including some less familiar rhymes in this letter book.The perfect game for baby showers, it’s a brilliant way to keep your guests entertained, have fun and put your nursery rhyme knowledge to the test.(And it matches our gorgeous Umbrellaphants baby shower supplies perfectly! Download our printable question sheet and printable answer sheet here.

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