Nsfetchedresultscontroller not updating

The brute force approach is to use the index Path of the cell. Adding an item automatically puts it at the top of the list.This would give it an index of 0 (I only have 1 section). This faulting mechanism is designed to enhance performance and reduce memory use.In general, the faulting mechanism is transparent; when you retrieve an object from an (MOC) you can’t tell (in the normal course of its use) whether it’s a fault or a realized object.My simple test case (same as last time) has a UITable View Controller subclass meditating between a table view and a fetched results controller.

The good news here is that regardless of what model modifications I threw at it (insert/deleting objects, fetch predicate), the table never once complained its row or sections were invalid.I figure either NSFetched Results Controller has gotten better at reporting section changes, or UITable View is more tolerant (I’m too lazy to dig in and find out! Moving Rows So, we know table updates are a bit buggy, with the table sometimes being left out of sync with the controller. And only when it’s reported that other rows have changed too.I wondered if the issue might be how moves are handled.I’ll update this post with my progress Update 2014-05-31 PM This is a great starting point for dealing with reordering. Batch fetch/update/save is my starting point Update 2014-06-06 PM It looks like i OS 8 might have better bulk update support.I was on the right track with only dealing with the differences between items that get moved.

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