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For further information call the United Way at 523-9131.

HANDICAPPED SERVICES Knoxville has a special office that provides information on services available to the disabled, handicapped and elderly. TELEPHONE The Knoxville area is served by Bell South Telephone Company.

Emergency Medical Assistance is available throughout Knoxville and Knox County by dialing 911.

Knoxville has approximately 890 physicians and 385 dentists covering all areas of specialties.

Owners should be sure that pets have their shots and wear an identification tag.

There are 15 licensed nursing homes in the metro Knoxville area, and 40 Home Health Agencies as well as Hospice facilities.Without a valid license from previous residence, a road, written and eye test is required.For additional information call 966-4350 or 594-6399.These area hospitals provide primary and emergency care in addition to maintaining strong reputations for specialized and general care.The health care community takes pride in its use of state-of-the-art technology while providing personalized, individual care.

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The system has more than 1.6 million volumes and is a U. Depository Library with access to all government publications.

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