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The presence of unused and expired medications in cabinets and cupboards is a potential threat and can be harmful to humans, environment and wildlife [6–8].Specifically, the presence of discarded medicines in waterways and drinking water is a serious and multifaceted issue that has gained national and international attention with the public, lawmakers, and regulators [9].Non-adherence to medication can also cause storage of left over medicines at home.According to WHO 50% of patients fail to take medicine correctly [4].Interestingly, 83.4% of the interviewees purchased medicines on the prescription of which 47.2% were university graduates, while 14.6% purchased medicine over the counter.Among the respondents, 46.5/100 purchased antibiotics and the remaining purchased NSAIDs, anti-hypertensive and anti-diabetic medicines.

Gaps exist in practices, therefore robust, safe and cost-effective pharmaceutical waste management program supported with media campaign is needed.The consumer (patients) are not able to use all the dispensed medications because of adverse effects, alteration of dosage, feeling healthy, medications reaching the expiration date, promotional practices by manufacturers’, physicians’ prescribing practices, or dispensers’ practices [1, 2].According to World Health Organization (WHO), more than half of all medication is inappropriately prescribed, prescribed and sold, which causes unnecessary storage and creates environmental threat [3].The General Directorate of Pharmaceutical Affairs (GDPA) was held responsible for the systematic monitoring and evaluation of drugs and medical supplies waste management plan implementation throughout the country [24].Despite these policy recommendations the pharmaceutical waste disposal is facing many shortfalls, and the current system of waste disposal is substantially dysfunctional.

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