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is a great show generally, but San Junipero remains on a level the rest of the show has to reach.This a prime example of an episode that gets better the less you know about it up front, so I don’t want to dive into it any deeper.Some of this will overlap with my previous rankings, but I do think it’s important to get those other episodes in there.is a show that can turn people off if they pick a bad episode or two, so these ten are hard to go wrong with, and the ones at the top are definitely must-watches.A woman doesn’t know where she is, but suddenly finds herself hunted in a neighborhood for reasons she can’t explain. Nosedive (Season 3, Episode 1) I will admit that Nosedive may be a little too…on the nose as it dives into our obsession with social media and “influence,” but it’s also one of the episodes that does seem like a scarily logical extension of our current day tech, where people are eventually “reviewed” by their peers in a way that…honestly already sort of happens today with people’s online presences, albeit without a number score attached.The entire episode hinges around the explanation for the madness, so it’s one better watched than read about here. Bryce Dallas Howard and Alice Eve are great here, and despite a lack of any kind of violence, this is easily one of the most uncomfortable episodes of the series. Black Museum (Season 4, Episode 6) A compilation episode in the vein of White Christmas (seen later on this list) which has three stories about neural tech advancements tied together in a nice (horrifying) bow at the end.

In fact, you can proceed with the preliminary visit and cyber dating while at your most relaxed.I just now realized this as I’m writing this article, but this 2011 episode stars none other than Daniel Kaluuya, new Oscar nominee fresh off his phenomenal turn in , this is the first episode I recommended.It deals with the idea that in this age of social media, you could effectively create an AI version of your lost love one to talk to you like they used to.You can’t really do that with most shows, but with standalone episodes, it’s possible.But people keep asking me about the series as a whole.

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episodes of the past two seasons, which I started after Netflix took over the show.

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