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When Jack tells Ennis, "I wish I could quit you," it's clear we cannot choose who we love.The Skinny: If you haven't seen this (arguably) dystopian fantasy, the basic premise is that a couple Clementine (Kate Winslet) and Joel (Jim Carrey) undergo a medical procedure to erase their memories of each other post-breakup.

The Skinny: Ennis (Heath Ledger) and Jack (Jake Gyllenhaal) meet one summer when they herd sheep together in the rural Wyoming mountains.

With an inventive plot like this one, the film begs some complex questions, like the meaning of connection. The Takeaway: Even though Baby says she's afraid of everything, she doesn't let that fear dictate her life.

She teaches us that you never know what kind of magical moments you'll experience until you get outside your comfort zone.

The Takeaway: If anything can turn a jaded heart into a mushy one, it's Allie and Noah.

And while there are many, many lessons to learn from this movie (and date ideas to steal), our biggest takeaway is that true love requires patience because it doesn't always work out right away.

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