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In fact, according to a well cited study by Albert Mehrabian (who studied how people decide if they like each other), only 7% of our communication comes through words.While body language is a key part to any relationship, it can be easy to misread body language.Online dating is more widespread than it was in the internet’s early days, so it’s no surprise that more people are meeting their significant others via computer or mobile device.

But for a relationship to have a better chance to succeed, it’s important to recognize that money is Even though this argument was made against couples who were trying to use finances as a reason to live together before they got married, it applies to long distance relationships as well.

But this hard work might actually have a significant benefit: According to researchers, couples in a long distance relationship demonstrated stronger bonds, better communication skills, and more emotional intimacy than their peers who lived near each other. Guldner as well: Only 40% of long distance relationships end through a breakup.

This, of course, doesn’t mean that 60% of long distance relationships will end in marriage.

This can help LDR couples often develop healthier communication habits as they don’t rely as much on hoping their significant other will pick up on their silent queues.

My wife and I spent nearly our entire dating and engaged lives over 400 miles apart. The New York Post projects that a long distance relationship would be roughly 84% more expensive than a geographically close relationship with a similar dating life.

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This is where long distance relationships can actually benefit.

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