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Charmaine is the third actress to win Best Actress for a second time (leading with Liza Wang and Sheren Tang) and it's her third time to win "My Favourite Female Character" at the TVB Anniversary Awards.She also became first actress to be crowned double TV Queen for the second time.However, Charmaine overcame these problems and made her breakthrough in Return of the Cuckoo in 2000, co-starring with Nancy Sit, Julian Cheung and Steven Ma.Since then, Charmaine has grown over the years to be a highly acclaimed and revered thespian in Hong Kong.

Continue reading At TVB’s Anniversary Awards every year is where we can find TVB’s prettiest investments looking their best in preparation to be rewarded for their hard work, dedication to the company and entertainment industry and if lucky, for their merit and talent.

With her curled long hair slightly dyed red, she completed the look with a red lip, creating an overall glamorous look.

Recently, in April, for the 2nd Beijing International Film Festival, Hong Kong model Angelababy strolled the red carpet in a similar evening gown.

), officially known as the TV Awards Presentation of TVB, is an annual awards ceremony honoring TVB's programming achievements in Hong Kong television; despite claims that it is the region's equivalent to the American Emmy and the Australian Logie, no other networks are allowed to enter their programmes into TVB competition, and it is awarded solely to TVB programming.

Winners are awarded a copy of the golden TVB anniversary statuette, which depicts a man and a woman holding up TVB's square logo.

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