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Ray doesn’t want me posting pics with him online anywhere because he is in a money dispute with his psycho ex fiancé.Can you post this photo of me with him clearing my name?The video was shot by Little X (making it her 3rd collaboration with him) and was shot inside of "Fletcher’s Meadow Secondary School" where Chanté attended in her last year of school and graduated.

During that time, Chanté was on Teen People Magazine’s "Rock The Runway" Mall Tour (where Ciara started) and Seventeen Magazine’s "Rock N’ Shop" Mall Tour (where Britney Spears started).She later made the decision to move to Atlanta and West Hollywood, where she worked closely the camps of Ne-Yo, Missy Elliott and Out Kast.She began honing her skill as a songwriter and her acting chops, starring as the lead actress in the TV series "Soul". In September, Chanté announced that she would release a 2 disc album titled "Night & Day" slated for a release in November 2011.One disc, titled ‘Night’ will be all Dance music and the other disc, titled ‘Day’ will be R&B, reminiscent of Chanté’s first two albums.When looking for inspiration and the direction that she wanted for this album, she stated that wanted something with "no-genre", sing something that was real and to the heart. In October, Chanté released two new singles, "Table Dancer" from the ‘Night’ side of her album and "Test Drive" from the ‘Day’ side.

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