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"Otherwise you'll repeat the pattern and bring a lot of issues from the old relationship into the new one." This can lead to bitterness and resentment, she warns; unattractive things to bring on to the dating scene or into a new relationship.

"They leak out and it's obvious to the person you're engaging with," she says.

While the rates tend to be similar for men and women up to age 45, it seems that by the late 40s (the divorce rate peaks at age 48) the number of separated and divorced women outstrips their male counterparts.

"Women can be funny about education and profession," she says.

But there's always a happy ending in the movies, so what are you doing wrong?

Possibly quite a lot of things, says dating guru Rena Maycock.

Before you even think about dating, deal with the fallout of the emotional trauma you've suffered.

"Take time out to deal with the loss of your partner or the breakdown of a long relationship.

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Some won't consider women their own age, while others may refuse to consider women who are separated or divorced, insisting on only dating widows.

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