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It’s not same as having survived the appalling violence to the body’s intimacy that means being mutilated and artificially built.

In this way, we could reformulate our participation in the LGBT movement as a separate aspect of a whole, building alliances based in mutual respect and recognition.

Intersex is not equal trans Intersex is not equal transgender Intersex is not equal transsexual Intersex is about a body born with variations of sex characteristics. This is a subject rather tiresome to me, but I have to write about it because few people will do likewise. For starters, many people are still unaware of intersex.

Very few people get what means being intersex or having an intersex body. Everyone seems entitled to have an (often uneducated) opinion on the matter.

Actions by intersex civil society organizations aim to eliminate unnecessary medical interventions and harmful practices, promote social acceptance, and equality in line with Council of Europe and United Nations demands.

Intersex civil society organizations campaign for greater social acceptance, understanding of issues of bodily autonomy, and recognition of the human rights of intersex people.

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But my thoughts aren’t original (Daniela Truffer opinion is an example of it); our links to the LGBT movement is defined mainly because of the history of how the American intersex movement came to be in the 90s.

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