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Tria Chang, a 34-year-old writer who has written about the complex racial dynamics of being in a relationship with her white fiance, says she is wary of being stereotyped or criticised for her romantic choices."A Caucasian male [especially one who works in tech] with an Asian female is so common it's become cliche," she said."I think that with more Asian-American women speaking up and showing a diversity of thought, people will eventually learn that we're not a monoculture, and can't be fit into any stereotype." Ultimately, racialised preferences cannot be avoided, but being aware of them is key, according to sociologist Hurt. The personal is political and people's preferences don't just happen in a vacuum," he said.

The New York Police Department (NYPD) believe that James Jackson, aged 30, a military veteran who served in Afghanistan, traveled to New York by bus on March 17, 2017, from Maryland before killing Timothy Vaughan, a 66-year-old homeless black man, as he sifted through rubbish on West 36th Street near 9th Avenue three days later.He cited xenophobic movements like America's 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act - when the immigration of Chinese labourers was prevented - as historical instances of racism targeting the largely male populations of Asian immigrants at the time."People behave according to the way they're programmed.If you are a white woman you're socially programmed to believe the Asian man is the least sexually viable, least sexually attractive," he said."This social programming comes out when you're swiping on Tinder." And yet for Asian women, the experience seems to the be the opposite.

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In contrast to the sexual racism Asian men often face, Asian women are often objectified and sexualised as "dragon ladies" or "geisha girls", according to Hurt, the sociologist.

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