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2) Have a custom high rake fork built for my current bike then get it all powdercoated. I spotted my N 1 in there "The shop bike" Artcrank edition complete.

My bike is made of what I believe to be decent steel (True Temper OX). I think at the moment they have time, just send them an email. You buy one and they donate a complete bike to a community in Africa, and you get the tax write off to boot! I think I've finally found the economical steel frame I've been looking for and it's the Handsome Devil.

Above quote is from another thread where I was talking about my Soma. My bike is cro-moly but with a much slacker head tube angle than the Devil.

The 55cm Devil frame is 3 oz heavier than a 56cm Cross Check and a full 14.6 oz heavier than a 54cm Double Cross so the difference you noted may well have been attributable to the weight difference.

All weights are minus the fork, which I assume are similar in weight given the same steerer tube length.

I weigh 380 lbs so the obviously heavier tubing of the CC & the Devil probably are beneficial to me and since I greatly prefer the geometry of the Devil, it's just moved to the top of the list.

Also, I have no idea how much the frame of my Trek Multitrack weighs but I would be surprised if it's any lighter than a Cross Check.

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