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If it has a curlycue on the bass side of the neck next to the fingerboard, it is an F model ("Florentine") mandolin.

An A model mandolin is symmetrical, and teardrop-shaped.

Compare a "Broken in" Gibson from the same period (1900-1907; 1908-1920) for a fairly accurate estimate of how the instrument will eventually sound.

For the period of 1921 onward, try to get a near exact analogue because there are so many differences. They are not really bad in and of themselves, but they do indicate how much an instrument has been played.

This guide is intended as a starting point in a search for a Gibson A-model mandolin from the years 1907-1935.If the instrument has an adjustible bridge and a date prior to 1921, it is most likely a replacement bridge. A1 Similar to A0, has some features (double purfling on soundhole) of an A2. Black inlay along the "keel" in the back of the neck.Many instruments had upgraded parts as gibson released new models. "The Gibson" stamped on tailpiece cover, inlaid in headstock. Wood quality improving (tighter grain, more "nice looking" features). Bound fingerboard, no extension "The Gibson" stamped in tailpiece cover. Black inlay along the "keel" in the back of the neck. Red, black, or red sunburst finish (red in the middle fading to black or brown at the sides), fleur-de-lis under "The Gibson"; Handel inlaid tuner buttons prior to 1916 (WWI) (a dotted " " in each button). Shaped hardshell case with green or red silk lining most common.Remember, you are looking for an instrument that will have a very strong influence on your enjoyment of playing music!If you've discovered a well broken-in instrument that you like the sound of, you can move onto the next step--model verification.

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