Events occurred in iran dating back to 2016 bce

They therefore advocated a simpler form through which they could satisfy their religious cravings.

Around the same time Buddhism split into two schools: the Mahayana or the Great Wheel and the Hinayana or the Small Wheel.

In one such narrative, showing Queen Mayadevi’s (mother of Siddhartha Gautam) dream, a descending elephant is shown.

It is definitely known that he was a great administrator as well as a brave warrior.

He carried out works of piety and public utility, like building roads and gardens.

He succeeded in pushing back an invasion from Ceylon.

Karikala has been credited with many welfare activities. Most of the people lived in valleys and a majority of them were farmers. There were artisans and craftsmen also who mainly lived in towns.

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After their decline, many small kingdoms came up in the Deccan. Buddha’s presence in early Indian art is, therefore, suggested by symbols like the Bodhi tree under which he attained enlightenment, the wheel of law, his foot prints, the royal umbrella, the stupa and an empty throne, etc.

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