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I know that broke around (or probably before) MS purchased it - but I just find it funny how much humanity is willing to let things slide. Because we know how you would go about analyzing that information. It’s an ambiguity that tech companies love to take advantage of. If the word "analyze" was chosen because the word "eavesdrop" would result in users leaving the platform, and eavesdropping is what they're actually doing, then they're obscuring their actions with a euphemism.So much so that we go from the most secure peer to peer architecture ever to - oh yeah contractors are listening to skype calls. I don't think the average person does (anyone in the bay is likely not your average person in this context). For instance, Google will say that they analyze your Gmail to improve the service etc, but that no human will ever read your email. If they communicate that they're eavesdropping, which is what was proposed here, it seems excessive to then claim that they're not communicating this monitoring or listening of calls in a reasonable way which would mean it's not eavesdropping."Shall we make it clear that no humans listened, and that 'analyze' meant via algorithms?

Well, going back to the origins of skype it was advertised as encryption that not even employees can read or listen to your calls. I don't think we realize the technical literacy divide that exists.

Do you type everything into one big paragraph, or break it up into smaller ones?

Do you use shorter language in the chat because it’s not a formal piece of communication like email?

In Microsoft Teams however we have persistent chat, so we can send a message to someone while they are offline however this becomes more akin to an email as we’re sending something that the recipient will respond to when they come back online.

So what’s the deal with chatting to people when they’re offline?

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  1. After entering the chat you will be presented with a list of chat rooms to select from, similar to what is displayed in the above image.

  2. The error message could look like this: Usually Icinga 2 is a mission critical part of infrastructure and should be online at all times. OOM) you may want to restart Icinga 2 automatically.