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I'm pretty social and my circles include many desi people.

A lot of my male desi friends and male cousins have great luck with the ladies, all races, whether their pursuits are for something casual or more serious.

Single Desi Dating is a site designed to help singles meet people from South Asian families in the UK.

So if you feel you fit in this category then why not try our site free!

Self-loathing and desperation is not a good look, no matter what race or gender.

Sure, you can cite OKC data and use that as a crutch.

You can find true love on several dating sites aimed at matching animal lovers with other animal lovers.One has a pilot’s license and flies planes as a hobby. We all do some kind of community service or volunteer work.I think we’re all great fucking catches, for the right guys. Only has seriously dated a non-desi guy in the past (remember we’re mid-30s).You've been looking forward to meeting your date and no doubt you'll have lots of questions you'll want to ask them.But a date is an opportunity to bond and explore what makes them tick without it coming across as an interview.

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  1. I shouldn't have to look up online tutorials to figure out how to use a dating app. I was also disappointed in the notifications, which I found too pushy.