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The results of the test may prove eye-opening for some motorists who consider it acceptable to drive after having a few drinks, as the tool may help some people realize that the amount of alcohol they are consuming renders them legally impaired. Refreshbar Helps Stock Traders, ebay Traders, Developers, News Watchers to Refresh Websites Automatically Ever been in a situation where you are constantly hitting the refresh button? Auction sites such as Ebay allow millions of people to trade daily.Many ebayers need to hit the refresh button constantly to monitor the latest bids on the items they are looking to purchase or sell.Mortality Rates in Morbidly Obese Skyrocket Without Bariatric Surgery A recent study published in Elsevier, a medical journal covering surgery for obesity and related diseases, found mortality rates in morbidly obese people who defer bariatric surgical intervention was more than 10 times the expected rate.Mortality from bariatric surgery for the morbidly obese has been widely reported, but little was known about mortality rates in morbidly obese patients who deferred the different available surgical weight-loss options: roux-en-y gastric bypass, vertical gastrectomy, Lap Band® and duodenal switch.I will find out if they have ordered it, if not, I will persuade them to. Advanced Corporate Compliance Releases Web-Based Training to Address the Financial and Safety Risks of Employee Cell Phone Use while Driving Advanced Corporate Compliance, LLC today announced the release of its web-based “Mobile Device and Driving Safety Training” product for corporations and companies that employ any number of mobile workers.The customizable “Mobile Device and Driving Safety Training” module is designed to help companies minimize the risk that their mobile employees will cause an auto accident while being distracted by their use of a cell phone or mobile device and potentially decrease the financial liability that such employee behavior poses to their profits.Broadway Star and Singing Sensation, Dudu Fisher, to Perform in Houston for the Very First Time Broadway star and Jewish entertainer, Dudu Fisher, will be performing in Houston for the very first time on Saturday Night, March 12, 2005 at Emery Weiner Schools Becker Theater.

His performances have spanned the globe: from Sydneys Opera House to Madison Square Garden, to Budapest, and to Moscows Bolshoi Theater, Dudu Fisher brings passion and joy to millions everywhere.

"Perhaps the most dangerous people known to man are those who think they have the inside track on God's will.

Throughout the centuries, from the Spanish Inquisition, to the Salem witch hunt, to Islamic fanatics ramming jets into the World Trade Center, to Hezbollah firing Iranian rockets into Israel, they have been responsible for torturing and killing countless people," he said.

The Southampton Writers Conference has become a literary Mecca on Long Islands East End, drawing the finest writers to share their insights and teach their craft.

CAA North & East Ontario Unveils Exciting Addition to Website With the August long weekend approaching, CAA North & East Ontario (CAANEO) is stepping up its efforts to eliminate impaired driving on Ontario roads by launching a Blood Alcohol Calculator on their website,

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