Dating violence pamphlet canada

Contact a lawyer referral service, a legal aid office or a public legal education and information association to find out where you can get legal help and if you can get help free of charge.

Many police officers are trained to respond to family violence.

Some of these community organizations may have services in your first language.

They may be able to refer you to a lawyer if you need one or refer you to other services such as financial assistance.

Many police services across Canada have special domestic assault units with police officers and other professionals who will listen and try to help you. Check the first few pages of your telephone book for the phone number.

If there is someone at your place of worship whom you trust, tell them what is happening.

Tourists or temporary visitors can buy health insurance.

For any questions regarding your health coverage, see your province's or territory's health information website or call your provincial or territorial health service.

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If you choose not to call for help right away, then keep a list of these phone numbers in a safe place you can get to easily.

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