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They’re very much things I’m not really into, personally.The scene is great for discussions around safe sex and stuff, but not so much if you’re not really into sex.” It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single gay woman in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.Of course, Swatties are about as awkward online as in real life, so if things go poorly with your match, you will be stuck seeing them on a weekly basis for the next few years.“…it is hard to meet Swatties through apps, because they tend to swipe left on other Swatties – I think it depends on what you’re looking for and Swatties think it’s awkward to hook up with each other,” notes Shao. Even though many Swatties use dating/hookup apps at least occasionally, a veil of discretion hangs around the subject.Also, seeing happy straight couples makes you want to be happy and visible in that way.Every time a TV show buries its gays [kills off a queer character, or teases and ultimately does not show a gay relationship] or something, that desire gets a little stronger.” Which brings us to the Third Commandment— Drink enough Franzia and you will get sad and bemoan your lack of a sex/love/emotional life, preferably alongside other Sad Gays.Swat is rife with Austen-style gay gossips, who attentively watch every self-proclaimed LGBT person for signs of romance.I’ve spent the better part of a year telling various people, from a professor I’ve never had to students I’d never spoken to, that NO, one of my best friends and I are not a couple, and why are they even asking?

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For all the still-hopeful freshmen and disillusioned upperclassmen out there, I have produced the 10 Commandments of Queer Swarthmore Romance. Maybe not with one of your best friends, but definitely one of their friends.

You will then endure at least one semester of avoiding their gaze, and greatly enjoy telling people all about it while scanning Sharples to make sure they are not within earshot.

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