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The assessment of employees can be delayed for a maximum of three months, within which time you can select a date to assess an employee; known as a deferral date.

The reason the software does not take care of this pro rata calculation is because different employers have different formats for calculating this value.

This means that you will have to do a manual calculation for the first payment.

If you have set the ‘PRP alignment‘ option in ‘Company Maintenance Pension‘ then by postponing for 1 month you include the pro-rata period between the payslip date and your staging date into the applied postponement.

NOTE: If the juror is under 75 years old, he/she must request a Physician's excuse.

Postponement (also known as a “waiting period”) is a legitimate method by which employers can delay having to assess and automatically enrol employees.

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That may be one attraction of seeking to use postponement, but there may be other reasons why postponement might be used other than to delay the inevitable.

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