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This one is a great game for couples that love to incorporate sex toys into their games. Bonus points if you can make him cum in public with this thing! One of best uses of a cuckold husband is to be your sober driver!Buy the Lovense Hush and have your husband put it in prior to the date (p.s. The Lovense Hush is basically a remote controlled butt plug. No matter how tipsy you and your bull get, there’s something waiting hand and foot to pick you up! Part of the thrill is the idea you could get caught at any time.See how many strangers you can make out in front of your husband.For every stranger that you make out with, its another two days in chastity for him! This works best when you’re out on vacation somewhere far from home.Then you can award the winner by adding these winner labels to a sweet treat.They fit perfectly on fun size Reeses Peanut Butter Cups.

With hundreds of ideas for date night on our site, it is amazing that we haven’t created something yet for our readers to host a classic game night. We have created a set of gorgeous printables that you can use for your next game night group date! Just invite a few couples over and have everyone bring their favorite game to play!

It’s very exciting to humiliate someone in public…for both the person dishing it and the person receiving it.

Tell people he’s your cuckold and see what happens. Maybe they laugh, but the reaction is always funny to see.

You can go out with your husband and try to pick up a stranger.

You can bring your husband as the third wheel on a night out with your bull.

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