Dating mental health issues

Often, to the person who is being “ghosted” it can feel like there is also no cause for the sudden disappearance.

Ghosting could be a symptom of a mental health condition which complicates the ability to maintain healthy relationships.

If you have constant contact with someone who is dealing with a mental illness, then you must remember that it does not mean that they are unstable.

Someone with mental illness, whether they have taken help via formal treatment or is aware of their condition, may have developed ways of coping it.

Invalidation is a way of making someone feel as though they are not valid to you, or as a person.

They may try to live their life as normally as they can.

This is something that is important for every type of relationship and is not restricted to a mentally ill partner.

Traditionally, people focus on If a couple or any of the partners in a marriage are grappling with mental health issues, they might find themselves ill-equipped to handle the relationship, leave alone, nurturing it.

Couples find it challenging to balance a relationship together while combating mental health issues.

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