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#B Grindstone, PA 15442 (724) 785-8693 [email protected] II 1300 Kanawha Blvd. edu/tools/ncts/transportation, transportation technologies. If you did, you wouldn’t wear an earring because it represents the pretensious, pop culture, capitalist world of meaningless glitter which is all negative., green energy careers., heavy equipment operator., operating engineers., power station operators., supervisors, mining, gas, oil. Washington, PA 15301 (800) 826-2338 (724) 223-9332 Region I 113 Roberts Rd. Anything somebody does for image as opposed to who they really are in their soul takes away from their beauty. If you do, it just shows there’s something missing inside that you feel you need to project this certain image you’ve been brainwashed by. If you do, firstly it shows you’ve been brainwashed by the world, secondly, it shows you’re that vain that you’re trying to project some phony cool image about yourself and thirdly it shows you couldn’t be all that enlightened, free or stable because you don’t understand that being yourself and following your true identity as you really are is true beauty. Houghton Ml 49931 (906) 487 2610 edu Montana Tech North Campus 1300 West Park St. They’re all messed up but the funny thing is that they don’t even know it. Golden CO 80401 (303) 273 3220 University of Kentucky Mining Engineering 230 Mining and Mineral Resources Building lexington KY 40506-0107 (859) 257 8026 edu/mng Michigan Technological University Mining Engineering 630 Dow Environmental Engineering and Sciences Building 1400 Townsend Dr. Books about railroads are at #625.107 or TF6-TF197 at the library. Transportation Libraries gov/tldir, transportation libraries directory. What’s entertaining or redeeming about some movie where some guy gets revenge by killing everybody who wronged him or wronged society? We have a bunch of caricatures running around brainwashed by TV commercials and silly shows.

Get a good corporate resume made up, put it on a few websites and visit a few headhunters to see what’s out there., petroleum career choices., nuclear engineer. Many people in this country earn a reasonable living prospecting for gold and precious stones. I saw a show where regular people go panning and prospecting on a regular basis and find little gems or little bits of gold that add up to make for a reasonable return but it’s hard work. gov, minerals management service. The natural look reveals a finer character than that overdone so-called fashionable look., get into energy careers., green energy career guide., hydrogreen power careers. Send for your free information on Government Oil Leases., office for mine safety and health research. Geological Survey Pob 25286 Denver Federal Center Denver, Co 80225 303-202-4700 Free booklets: Gold. Free yourself from cultural ideas of beauty and focus on your heart. By 40, you’re no longer considered a young beauty no matter how well you took care of yourself so do yourself a favor and focus on developing your soul while taking care of yourself physically but don’t fall for that vampy, cheap look of too much make-up and too many trendy clothes and jewelry. Offshore Oil Worker Tough work on oil rigs, high pay, very little experience required, tough competition for jobs, become a commercial diver first., portable spill containment equipment. Petroleum Engineer Jobs/ Petroleum Engineer Careers, petroleum engineering. Washington, PA 15301 (800) 826-2338 (724) 223-9332, mining careers., mining engineers., mineral education links; women in mining. Novato, Ca 94947 415-924-7441 Fax: 415-924-7463 Book Opportunities for a Career in Mining & Metallurgy. Superior #728 Duluth, Mn 55802 218-722-2310 Weekly., transportation associations gov/associations.html, transportation associations and societies. gov analyst/ mulus-jobs/, management, transportation links. If you need a specific number, call the toll free operator at 800-555-1212. Local travel agents have a few directories they might let you look through. Some recreation subjects are as follows: Acting, #791.45-792.08, PN1992.8. If you smoke because you think it helps keep your weight down, get strong, quit and take up a real healthy lifestyle., green energy expert, career video., nuclear engineers, military., power plant electricians, military. 225 Baronne Sweet New Orleans, LA 70160 Mobil Corp 150 East 42nd Street NYC 10017 Occidental Petroleum Corp 10889 Wilshire Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90024 Ocean Drilling and Exploration Co Inc Pob 61780 New Orleans, LA 70161 Offshore Co Pob 2765 Houston, TX 7700 Penrod Drilling Co 2200 Thanksgiving Tower Dallas, TX 75201 Phillips Petroleum Co Phillips Bldg Bartlesvile, OK 74004 Quaker State Oil Refining Corp 255 Elm Street Oil City, PA 16301 Santa Fe Intl Corp Pob 4000 Alhambra, CA 91802 Standard Oil of California 225 Bush Street San Francisco, CA 94101 Sun Exploration and Production Co Pob 2880 Dallas, TX 75221 Tenneco Inc Pob 2511 Houston, TX 77001 Tesoro Petroleum Corp 8700 Tesoro Drive San Antonio, TX 78286 Texaco Inc 2000 Westchester Avenue White Plains, NY 10650 Unocal Corp 1201 West 5th Street Los Angeles, CA 90051 Some companies that manufacture oil field equipment and operate it are: Anglo Energy Co 233 Broadway NYC 10279 A-Z International Tool Co Pob #7108 Houston, TX 77248 Guy F. L0 West Orange Avenue South San Francisco, CA 94080 Bowen Tools Inc Pob 3186 Houston, TX 77253 Cameo Inc 7010 Ardmore Street Houston, TX 77021 Christensen Intl Pob 26135 Salt Lake City, UT 84126 Galveston-Houston Co 4900 Woodway Houston, TX 77056 Gearhart Industries Inc 1100 Everman Street Fort Worth, TX 76140 Halliburton Co 2600 Southland Center 400 North Olive Street Dallas, TX 75201 Hughes Tool Co Pob 2539 Houston, TX 77001 Michem Inc 3900 Essex Lane Houston, TX 77027 Mid-Continent Supply Co Pob 189 Fort Worth, TX 76101 Muskegon Tool Industries Inc 1000 East Barney Avenue Muskegan, Ml 49443 National Supply Co Pob 4638 Houston, TX 77210 Otis Engineering Corp Pob #819052 Dallas, TX 75381 Schlumberger Ltd 277 Park Avenue NYC 10172 Nuclear Power Job Websites/ Nuclear Energy Jobs American Nuclear Society 555 N. Le Grange Pk., Il 60525 708-352-6611 Fax: 708-352-0499 [email protected] News, monthly. Nw #400 Washington, Dc 20006-3708 202-739-8000 Booklet Careers and Education: Your Bright Future in Nuclear Energy and Technology. Nw Washington, Dc 20005-4070 202-682-8000 Fax: 202-682-8029 International Federation of Petroleum & Chemical Workers Pob 6565 Denver, Co 80206 International Federation of Drilling Contractors Pob 4287 Houston, Tx 77210 Oil Containment/ Recycling, oil recovery and recycling. Right now, they say they’re close to creating the ocean turbines that will power the world. The Mining Industry Mining Career/ Mining Websites Mining is broken down into: 1.) oil and gas extraction 2.) coal mining 3.) metal ore mining 4.) nonmetallic mineral mining and quarrying Skilled jobs in mining usually go to people who study geology, chemistry and/ or mining engineering. If you can handle it down there even with all the modern technology that supposedly makes it easier, you’re probably in even though it’s competitive because of the high pay. United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) Career Centers Administrative Office 640 Jefferson Ave. uk, newmont mining., 800-441-0298, coal; monthly; engineering and mining journal, monthly; rock products, monthly. Mining & Metallurgical Society of America 476 Wilson Ave., transportation unions., transportation workforce development., transportation law journal, american association of port authorities, american bureau of shipping., institute of traffic and transportation canada. Another helpful book is the AT&T Toll-Free Directory which lists toll-free numbers for things like hotels, airlines, tour companies, travel agents, etc. The most basic facets of women looking good to men are: Healthy appearance. Physical beauty is a person’s way of advertising that he or she is virile and ready to create babies so it’s part of the mating game to try to be beautiful to attract an appropriate mate. A man is attracted to a lady who takes care of herself.

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