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Time theft at my company is real -- I can only steal a few seconds here and there and the screen is usually minimized, so help me out. If you're busy when he calls, it's perfectly acceptable to text him back right then saying you saw he called, but you're busy and will call him later, but don't text back and expect him to be excited about it.A few notes on dating in the greatest city in the world before we proceed.My move is usually to show up 3-5 minutes early, go into the bar to check out the seating situation and plan my attack.I particularly like a corner booth or some other set up where it's easy for me to sit next to my date instead of directly across from her.I'm not quite sure where I fall within this spectrum, but I do suppose it changes frequently based on the season, the vacation schedules of my friends, and the general economy.

Before you've convinced yourself that this move makes me a player (or a total genius), I warned you that I'd be candid – this is the game and this is how I play it. Don't even ask her which table she wants to sit at.I have friends who are married to the first person they dated, and other friends who are slugging it out with me on the slow track, feeling absolutely no pressure at all. Me: Let's meet at Von Bar on Bleecker and Bowery, around 930. See ya then This was a set up, and the phone call a few days earlier actually went pretty badly.Whatever your reason, I hope this next chapter of the Playboy's Playbook will give you some tips to become a better dater and reach your goals faster, whatever they might be. She didn't say much, didn't seem all that interested in going out, but I set up a date nonetheless. More like Borophyll…Anyway, the logic here, ladies and gents, is that the female wants you to make the decisions, pick the spot, call the shots, steer the conversation, pick up the check, and be a gentleman.I know I look ridiculous, leaning against the wall, feigning coolness, and I hear you snickering as you walk by.I know it's Tuesday night and I'm outside some cheesy wine bar, guy; I'm trying to get some flow — let me be.

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  1. She visited Landon at his Malibu home where he was, by then, bedridden, and they spent the afternoon together. When Gilbert gave birth to her son with second husband Bruce Boxleitner on October 6, 1995, they named him Michael, in honor of Landon.