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The contestants visit several doctors, including Dr.Huizenga, who talks to them about their health, explaining their health problems in grim terms.The weights are a shock to many, including trainers Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper.

Daniel wins the race, Allen came in 2nd, Amanda came in 3rd, Rebecca 4th, Dina and Rudy both came in 5/6th, Abby came in 7th, Antoine 8th, Liz 9th Alexandra in 10th, Júlio 11th, Danny 12th, Sean 13th, Shay came in 14th, Coach MO 15th and Tracey came in 16th even though she would have been fourth or third but she ran out of energy so she collapsed.The result is that the group loses 155 pounds total (five more than the original goal). First aired September 29, 2009 In a week about choices, the contestants are presented with a choice to take a two-pound advantage at the weigh-in in exchange for not working with the trainers.The first contestant to step over a line will get that exchange for his or her team.Coach Mo looks shocked and reveals to the camera that he's unhappy about it.Later, when Bob and Jillian arrive, they are angry, feeling Tracey gave up something that was worth more than just two pounds—time with the trainers is invaluable.

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  1. Since 2015, no recent photos of the quirky Hollywood couple have surfaced in gossip mags or across fan sites, so either they’ve gotten much better at keeping their relationship out of sight or their reported relationship really is on the rocks.