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Rito always considers Mikan as his one and only precious little sister, and Mikan is happy taking care of Rito at home.

Until Lala's arrival, it was still only the two siblings together at home, and at one point, she felt a little lonely from not spending time with Rito lately.

Mikan is pleased to know that things will get more interesting upon Lala's arrival in their lives.

Unlike Rito, who has grown up to become very clumsy, awkward and anxious, especially around women, Mikan has become hard-working, confident, and good with housework, far surpassing her older brother's maturity and reliability.

She stopped calling him "Onii-chan" and doesn't quite look up to him and respect him the way she had before.

In the first episode, she tells Rito that she's embarrassed to be his little sister when she believes that he's having sexual fantasies of girls in the bathtub.

Nevertheless, the two of them are still very close and love each other as brother and sister, even to the point of admiration towards one another.

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