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Functionally inferior to Dura Ace that time, however.Above, the famous yellow box (Nuovo Record) and blue box (Super Record).Click here for Chuck Schmidt's invaluable Campagnolo timeline at You may now see our list and photos of women who are in your area and meet your preferences.By the 1990s, Campag were offering several group sets in different quality and price ranges, for both racing and touring.Above is the Chorus long cage model, 1993, featuring a swivelable parallogram with A and B positions for close- or wide-ratio blocks. Note also that the parallelogram now runs parallel to the chainstay, unlike the design from the Gran Sport to the C Record.Campagnolo's racing credentials go back to the 1920s.Known variously as Campy (in the USA), Campag (in Great Britain), or Campa (in Germany and elsewhere), their components dominated the high-end cycling market for decades. Below is a sampler of a few of their more notable components. Nothing else at the time came close to its precision and reliability. Until the advent of the Campag Rally in 1974, tourists who wanted the precision of the Campag mech required long cages to take up more chain slack. Above: the successor to Nuovo Record was Super Record, introduced in 1974, final year of production 1987.

Above: Super Record was succeeded by the C Record group, featuring 6-speed indexing and a more rounded design.Above, the so-called rod gear was actuated by a rod behind the saddle. Spence Wolf of Cupertino Bike shop offered his own long cages (above). The basic design was the same, but it featured exotic-alloy bolts and black trim.Chain slack was taken up by ratcheting the rear axle forwards or backwards in the toothed droupout. Above, left to right: Record 1963, Gran Sport 1955, Gran Sport 1952. Above (3 fotos): In 1983 Tullio Campagnolo died, and the 50th Anniversary Group was released.Above: C Record set, showing mechs, cranks, pedals, seat pin, etc.Some consider C Record to have been the aesthetic high-water mark for component design.

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